The Response to Iran: Not Only With Fire

Published in 'Makor Rishon'

In addition to tactical warfare, the Israeli campaign against Iran should include a threat in the form of a geographic toll, including the doubling Israeli population in the Golan and strengthening Kurdish autonomy in Syria

The exchange of blows between Israel and Iran on the Syrian front caused a late awakening of the political and media system in Israel. In …
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The Golan in Return for Iran

Published in 'Haaretz'

Israel must rephrase its strategy to ensure its sovereignty over the Golan, and convince the Trump government of the existence of a Gordian knot between Israeli sovereignty over the Golan and the restraint of Iran's ambitions in the Middle East.

Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president has created a real opportunity to reopen the debate on the issue of Israel’s “compensation” in view of the …
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